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Bathurst Winners

Date of Birth: 26 February, 1945
Resides Melbourne, Australia,
Marital Status: Wife - Beverley
Sons - Jamie and Robert
Daughter - Alexandra

1966Peter Brock visits the Bathurst circuit 
         while on leave from the armed services. 
         He left wanting to get on the otherside 
         of the fence.

1967First race at Winton in his Austin A30

1968 1st in class at Australian Hillclimb 
         Championship at Templestowe

1969 First major win in the Australian sports
         sedan trophy, Hume Weir
         3rd Bathurst in HDT Monaro 350 
         with Des West.
         Helps develop XU1 in sports sedan 
         with team manager Harry Firth

1970Sold his A30 after 65 meetings and 102 wins
         Rallycross champion in the 'Beast' Torana 
         GTR (supercharged)
         First win for HDT at Lakeside in the Torana 
         4th Bathurst Torana XU1
         4th Sandown Enduro Torana XU1

1971 6th Bathurst Torana XU1
         2nd Phillip Island Torana XU1
         3rd Surfers Paradise
         2nd Macau Street Race (Portugal) Torana XU1 
         Rallycross Championship Torana 'Beast'

1972 ATCC debut at Calder Park (Australian 
         Touring Car Championship)
         1st Bathurst Torana XU1

1973 2nd Bathurst XU1 (after Doug Chivas ran 
         out of fuel while leading)
         1st Sandown Enduro Torana XU1
         1st Surfers Paradise Enduro Torana XU1
         First ATCC pole position at Symonds
         Plains Torana XU1
         1st Surfers Paradise round ATCC (first ATCC 
         win) Torana XU1

1974 ATCC Champion (Torana XU1)
         1st Surfers Paradise Enduro
         Bathurst Pole position (Engine blew in the 

1975 Left HDT and went Privateer
         1st Bathurst, had to win to pay the bills Torana 
         1st Sandown Enduro Torana L34
         1st Surfers Paradise Enduro Torana L34

1976 Formed Team Brock and won his first outing
         3rd Bathurst Torana L34
         1st Sandown Enduro Torana L34
         1st Surfers Paradise Enduro Torana L34

1977 4th Bathurst Torana L34
         Bathurst Pole position
         1st Sandown Enduro Torana L34
         3rd Surfers Paradise Enduro Torana L34
         2nd Spa 24 hour in class Vauxhall Magna 2.3

1978Returns to HDT (Marlboro)
         1st Bathurst Torana A9X
         Bathurst Pole position
         1st Sandown Enduro (pole) Torana A9X
         1st Surfers Paradise Enduro Torana A9X
         1st Oran Park Enduro Torana A9X
         1st ATCC Championship Torana A9X

19791st Bathurst (pole) Torana A9X
         1st Sandown Enduro (pole) Torana A9X
         1st Oran Park Enduro
         1st Repco round Australia trial Commodore VB

1980 Became Boss of HDT
         Formed HDT Special Vehicles
         1st Bathurst (pole) Commodore VC
         1st Sandown Enduro Commodore VC
         1st ATCC Championship Commodore VC
         Won the first three rounds ATCC Commodore 
         Pole position every round ATCC Commodore 

1981 1st Sandown Enduro (pole) Commodore
         1st Adelaide International Raceway Enduro 
          (A.I.R) Commodore

1982 1st Bathurst (pole) Commodore VH
         1st Surfers Paradise Commodore VH
         Sandown pole position

19831st Bathurst (pole) Commodore VH
         1st A.I.R. Enduro Commodore VH

19841st Bathurst
         1st Sandown Enduro (record)
         Competed at Le Mans in the Bob Jane Porshe 

1985 Pole position Sandown Enduro

19864th Bathurst
         Pole position Sandown Enduro
         1st Nissan Mobil 500 New Zealand
         Competed in three rounds European Touring 
         Car Champs
         Monza DNF
         Donington 5th
         Hockenhiem 5th

1987 1st Bathurst (record 9th win)
         1st Nissan Mobil 500 New Zealand
         5th Sandown Enduro
         Splits from GM-H

1988Driving a BMW
         1st Oran Park Enduro

1989Driving a Ford Sierra 
         Pole position Bathurst
         2nd Australian GP support race

1990 1st Nissan Mobil 500 New Zealand
         2nd Sandown Enduro
         4th Bathurst

1991Returned to Holden



1994 Pole position Sandown Enduro

19951st Brock Classic Calder Park
         'Personality of the year' Cams Motorsport 

19961st Australian GP support race
         3rd Sandown Enduro
         Drives Volvo Super Tourer

1997 29th consecutive start at Bathurst
         Retires from competition

Wether you are mad on Holden's, Ford's (all Fords are crap) or any make then you will know what Peter Brock (Brocky) has done for Holdens and Australian Motor Sport. It started for Brocky when he visited the Mt Panorama circuit in 1966 while he was on leave from the armed services, he went away from the circuit with one thing on his mind and that was to get behind the wheel of a race car.  It inspired him into building his beloved Austin A30 and thus started an impressive record in this little beast. It was basically a Holden in a A30 shell and was pumping out quote "about 240 bhp" and with it he had over 100 wins in both circuit racing and hill climb events.

  The Grey Fox Harry Firth took some time to convince Brocky it wasn't one of his mates pulling a prank when he gave him a phone call and offered to build him a real race car if he got rid of that thing.  Brocky was a listener and a quick learner and with the master planner Harry Firth became a force to be reckoned with and in his fourth year (3rd '69, 4th '70, 6th '71), it was decided to run Bathurst alone.  It was wet in 1972 for the last solo drive at Bathurst and the first Bathurst win for a man who just lived to race.  The battle against Alan Moffat was like a David and Goliath with the brute power of the 351 V8 Ford GTHO verses the 202 Torana GTR XU1.  Brocky would pass Moffat up and over the hill only to watch the Ford pull out and pull away down Conrod straight, and with Colin Bond crashing early the HDT camp were a little nervous but Brocky kept niggling at Moffat until the big Ford aquaplaned.  Given that break was all that was needed and even when Moffat got going again he was never going to catch the man they called perfect and the start of the most impressive ever Bathurst record was beginning to take shape!

It started from a visit (to watch) in 1966 and just six years later the prize and glory.

The Factory Team of 1969, finished 3rd


Brocky driving Murray Walker around
Bathurst in the restored A30.

Rallycross was a very popular form of racing in the early 70's!

Brockys Last Touring Car 1997