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EJ Holden

EJ - 1962
The EJ has been overshadowed in modern times somewhat by the popularity of EH but when this model was new it was a huge step from what had been offered before.
The EJ brought a new luxury class to the Holden range which they called the Premier with it's carpets, leather upholstery, automatic transmission, metalic paint, white wall tyres and other luxury items. The EJ was designed from the Opel Kapitan with a bit of an American influence with aerodynamics playing a large role even this early in the GM-H designs. The brakes were now duel servo and the front suspension was improved along with the Hydramatic. When being tested, it was driven around Australia under the Opel badges to disguise the fact it was the all new model Holden.
The 1,000,000th Holden was an EJ Premier and it was produced on 26th October 1962.

I wish I could say more and have more pics but until someone can donate some or I spot an EJ and snare a few shots then I am limited to what I have now.

Year of Introduction:
30 July 1962 

Price when released:
$2102 Standard

2.26 litre 6 cylinder OHV (138 ci)


3 speed manual 
3 speed hydramatic 

Performance:0 - 100 km/h 
18.0 seconds

Standing 400 metres 
19.0 seconds 

154,811 @ 600 units per day

Models available:
Standard sedan
Special sedan
Premier sedan
Standard station wagon
Special station wagon
Panel van