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EK - 1961
The EK was a facelift model of the FB and gave Holden it's first automatic transmission which they called the Hydramatic. This inclusion of the 'auto' was a huge step towards the production of a Holden luxury vehicle. It was imported from America and was regarded as one of the best available in the world. In 1961 there were 112,680 sold to the public and Holden employed over 18,500 people with exports still very much apart of the Holden business. The grey motor was now over 12 years old and Holden had updated it several times to breath some life in the old engine. This was going to be the last Holden to have this engine as they were about ready for a major change but it would have to go through one more model before this could happen. The EK was like the previous models and looked like smaller versions of Chevrolets except for the engine sizes which was about to change. 
Year of Introduction:
May 1961 

Price when released:
$2212 Standard
$2576 Special

2.26 litre 6 cylinder OHV


3 speed manual 
3 speed Hydramatic 

Performance: 0-100 km/h
24.9 secs (auto)

Standing 400 metres 
23.2 seconds (auto) 


Models available:
Standard sedan
Special sedan
Standard station wagon
Special station wagon
Panel van

Singapore dollars bought a quality car that was
used by many people in this area.
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