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  FC Holden

FC - 1958
The FC was similar to the model before it except for some minor changes to trim. This model created a major milestone in the history of GM-H when on the 22nd of October 1958 it became the 500,000 Holden to be produced since the 48-215 started in 1948. It also became the first time Holden had produced more than 100,000 units in a year and it's local market share was over 50% with it's nearest rival being just half this. The Holden was being exported to many countries by now and was starting to become a good choice for some taxi drivers in these places as they showed there reliability and fuel economy. There were minor changes to the engine to improve torque and some refinement to the suspension and brakes to improve the Holden handling more.
Year of Introduction: 
May 1958 

Price when released: 

2.15 litre inline 6 cylinder ohv (132ci)


3 speed manual column shift

Performance 0 - 100 : km/h
19.5 seconds

Standing 400 metres 
20.8 seconds 


Models available:
Standard sedan
Special sedan
Business sedan
Standard station wagon
Special station wagon
Panel van