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  FE Holden

FE - 1956
The FE brought an all new body shape with modern looks and for the first time was available in station wagon form as a production model.  Early in 1956 there were 24 FJ Station wagons built but they were not continued with, possibly because of the new models due for release. The engine was modified (bigger valves among other things), and compression was lifted to 6.8:1 this increased the power by 8 kW to 53 kW. The increase in power was needed as the new mnodel was also heavier and larger in dimensions.  Even though it was more powerful than the two previous models it wasn't quicker in either acceleration or top speed. Another great improvement was the single peice windscreen which gave better visibility. The FE was very similar to the Chevrolets of the day except it was smaller in dimensions and was derived from the opel Kadett with alterations made for the Australian components and some minor body work.  It was most definetely a good looker and is still a sort after car today with many original examples still available at a respectable price while there are also many with huge modifications done. 
Year of Introduction: 
19th July 1956 

Price when released: 

2.15 litre inlne 6 cylinder, ohv (132ci)


3 speed manual column shift

Performance: 0 - 100 km/h 
20.4 seconds

Standing 400 metres 
21.4 seconds 

Top Speed:
130 km/h


Models available:
Standard sedan
Special sedan
Business sedan
Standard station wagon
Special station wagon
Panel van