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  FJ Holden

FJ - 1953
The FJ came along after five years of producing the 48-215 (FX) and was basically the same car with a few minor alterations to the body to alter it from the original. When this model was introduced it was refered to as the "new Holden" and the 48-215 was refered to as the "old Holden". The FJ in fact is the main reason why the 48-215 is often known as the FX as when parts were needed from NASCO for the 48-215 they used a prefix of FX for the earlier model and used the Holden FJ prefix for the later model. So after a while people started to use FX as the normal. The FJ still came with the tried and true suspension and the thought on comfort then was that you made the seats take out a lot of the roughness of the roads.  The car was a marketing success that was selling itself so well it was beyond anyone's foresight and there were waiting lists at every dealer. Holden was the car everyone wanted to own and this was a worry for other manufacturers whose sales were sliding in the other direction.
With the sales success and demand outstripping supply for the Australian product GM-H had to expand yet again. The FJ was being raced around Australia with people like Gelignite Jack and others in the Redex and Ampol Trials as well overseas in such exotic races like the Monte Carlo rallye. It became one of the most liked cars by Australians and is still the peoples choice at many automotive events.
Holden started exporting to New Zealand in 1954.
Year of Introduction:
October 1953 


Bore & Stroke: 76mm x 79mm
2.15 litre 6 cylinder (132 ci)
Compression ratio: 6.5:1

45 kW @ 3800 rpm (60 hp)
135 NM @ 2000 rpm (99 ft/lb)

Fuel consumption:
10.5 ltr/100km (27 mpg)

Fuel tank capacity:
42.75 litres (9.4 gals)

3 speed manual column shift

Performance: 0 - 100 km/h 
20.0 seconds 

Standing 400 metres 
20.5 seconds 

Top speeds:(gear ratios)
1st 55km/h @ 5400 rpm (2.98)
2nd 97km/h @ 5400 rpm (1.68)
3rd 134km/h @ 4400 rpm (1.00)
Km/h per 1000 rpm top gear: 34

Overall length: 4369 mm
Wheelbase: 2616 mm
Width: 1702 mm
Height: 1575 mm

Final drive ratio:
3.88 rear drive

Turning circle:
11.3 m

Turns lock to lock:

Kerb weight:
1018 kg

Tyres and wheels:
OE 590-15 


Models available:
Standard sedan
Business sedan
Special sedan
Panel van
Station wagon (24 only made)

No 217-S21354
TRIM No    275
PAINT No   207-15528
TOP                                ACC     3
This shows a typical ID. plate which shows it was a Business Sedan 
built in Sydney with Mountain Blue trim and Seine Blue metalic laquer.
The Dulux paint code is 5528.