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  Holden HD 1965


HD 1965
The new shape for the future wasn't just a modification of the extremely successful EH, but it was a complete body change. 

The HD was not received very well after the much loved EH for a number of reasons, mainly the new shape with the front guards receiving most of the attention. The HD body was all new but underneath was still the same narrow track as in the EH. As well as this, the engine was sitting 67 mm further forward!
The older brakes were not up to the heavier body of the HD and mid-way in 1965 Holden released a new ball-joint front-end with twin-pot disc brakes as an option! Even with these features the people were turning off the US designed HD and GM-H decided to end it's life sooner than it had planned. This model takes the record for being the shortest lived Holden ever on the production line!
This model however made an impression with it's X2 which sported twin carburetors and 140 bhp among other upgraded items.  This was the birth of the Holden sports sedan and the public were at least happy about this.

Year of Introduction: 
February 1965 

Price when released:
$2320 Standard sedan

2.45 litre (149ci) 6 cylinder
2.95 litre (179ci) 6 cylinder
2.95 litre (179ci X2) 6 cylinder 

86 kW (179)
105 kW - 140 bhp ( 179 X2) 

3 speed manual 
2 speed Powerglide automatic 

Performance: 0-100 km/h 
13.2 seconds (X2)

Standing 400 metres 
19.2 seconds (X2) 

May had over 19,000 sales

Models available:
Standard sedan
Special sedan
Premier sedan
S4 sedan
Standard station wagon
Special station wagon
Premier station wagon
Panel van


Healthy 145BHP from the X2 engine