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  Holden HG 1970


HG 1970
The HG was basically a dress-up model while GM-H was more concentrated on building its new 202ci and 173ci engines and an all new body style in the HQ. There was one major milestone however, the first Australian built automatic transmissions called the 'Trimatic' was introduced to the HG range. This was standard fitment to the Brougham and was an option on all models except the Chevrolet powered Monaro's which of course used the Chevrolet unit. In 1970 the total Holden vehicle sales exceeded 200,000 units. With the Holden Dealer Team concentrating on winning races in the little Torana GTR XU-1 GMH made the Monaro a little more comfortable by altering the suspension settings to allow for a smoother ride. Even so The Monaro took out the Australian Touring Car Championship in 1970 at the hands of Norm Beechy.

This is Beechys car wearing the No.1 in 1971
Year of Introduction: 
July 1970

$2394 Belmont 6 cylinder
$3201 Premier 6 cylinder

2.65 litre (161ci) 6 cylinder 
3.05 litre (186ci) 6 cylinder 
4.2 litre V8 (253) 
5.0 litre V8 (308) 
5.74 litre V8 (350) 

85kW (161) @ 4400 rpm
95kW (186) @ 4200 rpm
108kW (186s) @ 4600 rpm
157kW (307) @ 4600 rpm
225kW (350 Chevrolet)

3 speed manual 
4 speed manual 
2 speed Powerglide 
3 speed Trimatic 

Performance:0-100 km/h 
12.8 seconds (186) 
8.0 seconds (350 Chevrolet)

Standing 400 metres 
18.9 seconds (186) 
16.1 seconds (350 Chevrolet) 


Models available:
Belmont sedan
Belmont wagon
Belmont Panel van
Belmont utility
Kingswood sedan
Kingswood wagon
Kingswood utility
Premier sedan
Premier wagon
Monaro coupe
Monaro GTS
Monaro GTS 350