Welcome to the all new Holden Heaven


Very close to the production version

This was the novel way of testing full size looks, make two totally differing halves and join them together on a rolling chassis.  It gave them 2 views of a full size mock up.
As you can see the top 2 look very similar to the end product HQ.

Ok so who owns the ugly one?
Very American looking, the influence of america on Holdens was all the way through and in particular you could see this in the 50's style cars that holden scaled down the Chevrolets of earlier years. They were stunning little cars for looks but the under powered 6 cylinder engines were no where near the American Muscle.

This was another that was close to the production version. This was being developed very early and even had Brougham badges which they of course chose not to use
Chiseling out the new front end for the HQ