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High Flying Rally XU1 in 1972

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Welcome to the all new Holden Heaven
This site was first established in 1999
HX 1976
The HX could be described as being lethargic thanks to ADR (Australian Design Rule) 27A, this required all new vehicles to meet the strict anti-pollution rules being enforced. The HX was under powered in six cylinder form with the old red not being able to cope with the new regulations. The engine used more fuel for less power thanks mainly the detuning to meet the lower emissions. The cam was detuned and the carburetor was sealed so you couldn't fiddle with the settings.  The best refinement on this car however was the finger tip control stalk on the steering column of all models, this made it easier to use and stopped the hand having to leave the steering wheel when using hi/low beam, wipers, washers, and turn signals. 
Late in 1976 there was a release of special marking the anniversary of 50 years of General Motors in Australia with the details as follows. The 50th Anniversary Holden Kingswood was Released November 1976. Build Numbers: 500 sedans and wagons (Inclusive). There were three colours available and all had "Anniversary Gold" roofs.

The 600 LE Monaro Coupes were  powered by the 5 litre V8 and came standard with air-conditioning, a quadraphonic cartridge tape deck, power windows, 3 speed Turbohydramatic 400, front and rear spoilers, metallic paint with gold pinstriping, honeycomb mag wheels among other special features!

Year of Introduction: 
July 1976 

$5186 Belmont 173ci
$5322 Kingswood 173ci
$8554 Statesman

2.84 litre (173ci) 6 cylinder 
3.3 litre (202ci) 6 cylinder 
4.2 litre V8 (253) 
5.0 litre V8 (308) 

82 kW @ 3900 rpm (3300 manual) 
88 kW @ 4000 rpm (3300 auto)

120 kW @ 4550 rpm (4.2 litre) 
325 Nm @ 2600 rpm (4.2 litre)

161 kW @ 4800 rpm (5.0 litre) 
400 Nm @ 3100 rpm (5.0 litre)

3 speed manual 
4 speed manual
3 speed Trimatic 
3 speed Turbohydramatic 400 

Performance: 0-100 km/h/Top speed
16.4 seconds (3300) / 156 km/h
10.2 seconds (5.0 litre) / 178 km/h

Standing 400 metres
19.4 seconds (3300 manual) 
19.6 seconds (3300 auto)
17.2 seconds (5.0 litre auto)

110,669 (Total)
103,812 (Domestic)

Belmont sedan
Belmont station wagon
Kingswood sedan
Kingswood station wagon
Kingswood utility
Kingswood Panelvan
Premier sedan
Premier station wagon
Holden cab/chassis truck  (1 tonner)
Holden panel van
Sandman panel van
Holden utility
Sandman utility
Monaro LE coupe*
Monaro GTS sedan
Statesman De Ville sedan
Statesman Caprice sedan

* A limited number of 600 LE (Limited Edition) luxury 2-door Monaro's finished the Monaro Coupe.