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 Torana LX

LX Torana
Released February 1976
The LX Torana looked much the same as the LH before it but an extra version was available in the form of the hatchback. There were quite a few changes brought into this model which means when buying one today harder to know whats what. In October 1977 the LX A9X and not the HZ was the first to come with rear disc brakes and the Sunbird was the first to be fitted with RTS (Radial Tuned Suspension) in November 1976 which wasn't really much but it made for a very direct feel in handling and steering. In fact the reception that the Sunbird got with this new RTS made the decision to use it on the entire range easy over the next year or so. The Torana recieved it in May 1977. The LX Hatchback came in may varying combinations with the base model being the SL and the top range being the new SS 5.0 which was the most expensive Torana ever. Funny as it may sound but it was only now able to beat the XU-1 in acceleration as all the other V8 Toranas couldn't. The SS started with the Torana and it is still out there today in the latest Commodore and stands for the same now as it did then, best factory performer.  There was still the SL/R 3300, SL/R 4200 and SL/R 5000 for the sports minded familly man who wanted the looks and the doors. The L34 gave way to the new racer option A9X in September 1977 which came out in both four and three doors, these cars had the whole caboodle, massive bonnet scoop and wheel arch flares with wide wheels and spoilers, these cars looked like they were going fast when they were still parked.  The L34 spec. engines with a few mods at Bathurst (without over stepping the rules of course) coupled with the heavy duty radiator and electric fan proved to be a winner.  The M21 close ratio transmission or Borg Warner T10 option was used along with a new addition of a 10 bolt Salisbury limited slip differential and rear disc brakes which GMH had to change the rear floor pan to accommodate it. This rear end change was the basis of the next UC model. Sunbird was a name that was designed to disassociate Torana with the 4-cylinder cars so as to keep the Torana name as a sporty performer type.

There's little doubt in the minds of enthusiasts that the last of the LX V8s with their radial tuned suspension, tough Salisbury diff and four wheel discs are the pick of the ex factory Toranas.

SL/R 4200

V8, watercooled
Bore x Stroke: 92mm x 77.7mm (3.625" x 3.062")
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Carburettor: Two barrel down-draught Stromberg

Final drive:

Power & Torque:
137 kW @ 4400 rpm (185 hp)
355 Nm @ 2400 rpm (262 lb/ft)

4-speed manual
3-speed automatic

Maximum speed manual: 181 km/h (113 mph)
Maximum speed in gears: 
1st: 67 km/h @ 5300 rpm (42 mph)
2nd: 93 km/h @ 5300 rpm (58 mph)
3rd: 136 km/h @ 5300 rpm (85 mph)
4th: 181 km/h @ 4650 rpm (113 mph)
0-160 km/h manual: 27.8 seconds
0-100 km/h manual: 9.2 seconds
0-60 km/h manual: 3.8 seconds
400m manual: 16.9 seconds

Fuel consumption:
Manual: 5.4 km/l - 7.0 km/l (15 mpg - 20 mpg)

SL/R 5000

V8, watercooled
Bore x Stroke: 101.1mm x 77.7mm (4.00" x 3.062")
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Carburettor: 4 barrel down-draught 

Final drive:

Power & Torque:
170 kW @ 4800 rpm (240 hp)
427 Nm @ 3000 rpm (315 lb/ft)

4-speed manual
3-speed automatic

Maximum speed manual: 194 km/h (121 mph)
Maximum speed in gears: 
1st: 77 km/h @ 5500 rpm (48 mph)
2nd: 106 km/h @ 5500 rpm (66 mph)
3rd: 140 km/h @ 5500 rpm (87 mph)
4th: 194 km/h @ 5500 rpm (121 mph)
0-160 km/h manual: 21.7 seconds
0-100 km/h manual: 8.2 seconds
0-60 km/h manual: 4.0 seconds
400m manual: 15.9 seconds

Fuel consumption:
Manual: 5.0 km/l - 6.8 km/l (13 mpg - 19 mpg)

Holden vehicle serial number: stamped on the righthand frame side member.
Torana S            8UG69      four-door         four
Torana SL           8UH69      four-door         four
Torana SL           8UH77      three-door        four
Torana S            8VB69      four-door         six
Torana SL           8VC69      four-door         six
Torana S            8VB69      four-door         V8
Torana SL           8VC69      four-door         V8
Torana SL           8VC77      three-door        six
Torana SL           8VC77      three-door        V8
Torana SL/R 3300    8VD69      four-door         six
Torana SL/R 4200    8VD69      four-door         V8
Torana SL/R5000     8VD69      four-door         V8
Torana A9X          8VD69      four-door         V8
Torana SS           8VD77      three-door        V8
Torana A9X          8VD77      three-door        V8

Torana released February 1976.
Sunbird sedan released November 1976 with RTS.
RTS fitted to Torana from May 1977.
Sunbird hatch released May 1977.

Three speed manual column shift.
Four speed manual floor shift.
Four speed manual Borg Warner Super T10 optional on A9X.
Three  speed automatic, column or floor change.

The plus 4 was a good looking car with plenty to offer but was still underpowered by the 4-cylinder. It wasn't as popular as Holden wanted and some of these took sometime for the dealers to sell.
Rather novel but extremely practical in its design, the hatches were equipped with a semi-tent which turned it into a sleeper.