My Project LC Torana

I have many people to thank for help over the years. I would never be able to thank you all individually but you know who I mean!

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My Project - 1970 LC Torana
Ok I havn't done an update to this page in ages and ages so thought it was about time.
Here is the recap:
My Project - 1970 LC Torana 3300 EFI
As bought
Although someone had spent a lot of time and money on this car it was quite a long time ago and in need of a good home to stop the decline in its condition.
Rust wasn't really a major problem and although it was showing up in some areas it was generally rust free and in particular the structural areas were as strong as the day it was built with the only holes being in the back right bottom of the door, about 5cm square area and the back left guard flare with a small hole about 1cm in size. The rest of the rust was surface, while there was a few scratches and scrapes the worst being on the front right guard.
The mags looked like they hadn't been cleaned in years, and after a few hours of elbow grease the shine came back to them.
202 Red motor
186 Head with adjustable roller rockers
Mild port work on head with std valves
5-speed crap 4 cylinder Commodore box (I broke it after 2 weeks)
Open 3.08:1 diff
Front shocks were virtually non existant
Rear shocks were still good
Full lowering spring kit all round.
Tyres all ok Dunlop
14 x 7" Mags (Kidney shaped)
RX7 seats (Very badly mounted)

EFI Modifications:
Torana LC 1970
VK Commodore 3300 Black Motor
Bosch Fuel Injection
Ported Head with double valve springs and large valves
Race/Street Cam
VH Commodore Electronic Distributor (Modified)
Pod Filter
Flexi Fan (Flattens out over about 2500rpm for less drag)
4-Speed M20 Gearbox
3.55:1 Limited Slip Diff
185x60x14 front Bridgestone
195x65x14 rear Bridgestone
7" Roh mags (I will look at getting some 205 or 215 tires if they fit)

Quarter mile:
After a while running mid to low 15 second times I played around with the tune a bit and forced my way in the mid to high14 seconds. I finished with a best time of 14.38@94mph and as the motor was getting a bit worn decided to do an overhaul which included a brand new engine running Webers.

New Engine!
So I have decided to get semi-serious with a worked 12-port 6 cylinder engine. I am after some decent 13 second times from the 202/3.3 engine. Before I decided on the straight six I looked at many things including V6s and V8s but decided the others were a bit out of my budget for now. The biggest expense was the carburation but picked these up second hand which is always a gamble.
3 x Weber 45DCOE carbs
Redline inlet manifold
Redline linkage kit
Black motor block, bored and decked
Blue motor crankshaft, ground, balanced and modified
Race series pistons 060'
Race series bearings
Moly rings
3.3 rods
Kelford solid camshaft
Solid Lifters
Yella Terra 12-port Head
Roller rockers adjustable 1.5 ratio
Studs for rockers and guide plates
Hardened pushrods
Race harmonic balancer
Clutch and Flywheel lightened and balanced
Pacemaker headers
Port matched inlet and exhaust.

First time out saw a 13.9@99mph which has given me some encouragement for better times, I broke the pressure plate and couldn't run any more.
I have just rebuilt the pressure plate and lightened the flywheel to around 15lbs which will help in the midrange and top end power but may hinder me with more wheelspin of the line.
I will get to try this package at the next winter meet here on 22 June 2008.

Below is the 13.9 second run, the V8 powered Morris Minor ran 15.4 seconds