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Mazda Roadpacer using the HJ and HX Premier Body

Mazda Roadpacer (Holden Premier Body HJ-HX )
 75-78 Mazda Roadpacer 4dr sedan 13B.  Engine
Mazda 13B Rotary 654cc
4-Barrel Hitachi Carburettor
power: 135hp @ 6000rpm
torque 19kg-m @ 4000rpm 
Compressiona Ratio 9.4:1
Top speed 157km/h 
Weight 1575kg 
Rear Wheel Drive 4.444:1
Jatco Automatic Transmission 3 Speed,1st:2.458, 2nd:1.458, 3rd:1.000 
Wheel rim width 5" 
Wheelbase 2830mm 
Front/Rear Track 1530mm
Width 1880mm
Length 4850mm
Height 1460mm
Ground Clearance 160mm
Turning Circle 12.6mtr 
Fuel Tank Capacity 75ltr