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Saggy Sarah

This is possibly the most raced XU-1 ever!  Seen here in 1972 with over 75,000 racing miles (120,000 kms) on the clock. Although it was updated to an LJ it started life as LC XU-1 number 10 off the production line and without it being registered Harry Firth grabbed it for the Holden Dealer Team and it made it's debut at the Sandown 250 of 1970 with Colin Bond at the wheel. Bond or Brock in the Dealer Team car couldn't match the sheer grunt of the Fords but as the race unfolded the Fords fell by the wayside except for one, Moffat won the race from Bond and Brock came home in forth.  Bathurst was also raced by Bond in this car and it was the quickest of the 12 Toranas competing with a 2:54 lap but he had misfire problems that ruled him out of contention in the race. A few races in the Touring Cars of 1971 and then it was changed to a rally car for the upcoming series. Punctures in the first round kept Bond out of the points but the second race, the Bunbury Curran Rally, was an indication of things to come as Bond drove this car to it's first victory. After a successful season and 45,000 miles of racing Peter Janson bought the car and replaced the old 186 with a fresh 202 but also had to change the grill and rear panels to make it an LJ to keep it in the production class. It had an affectionate nickname which refered to the miles it had covered, Saggy Sarah. What has become of Saggy Sarah? Is she still out there, check below! 

Saggy Sara has been a busy girl and has seen some varying colours in her life and now is able to sit back and take in a few shows. You can see the original Green which she rallied in and was driven by Colin Bond who is standing next to the current owner Laz. On the front you can see HDT red plus many more colours. The engine itself has a history as it had the Supercharger that Peter Brock had on his 300hp 186 powered "Beast" rallycross car.
The current Supercharger is not the same as the HDT one was worn out a long time ago and replaced before the current owner bought the car.

The History of this little car is huge and that is understating it massively.
The colours that were under the paint were many as it had been painted over and over by various people and still had the HDT colours on the guard.

You may recognise some of the people in this pic as they have some knowledge of the car!

Laz took very careful consideration of the colours and left a section of roof multi-coloured to show some of the history.
Laz deserves some recognition for returning one of Australias treasures back to the spotlight and this car is now displayed at many special meetings and still raced!

Sitting proudly by another famous original HDT Torana.