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Torana UC

UC Torana 1979 
The UC Torana was really a great car but because Holden decided to introduce the Commodore soon after it's launch it actually sabotaged the Torana with quotes like 'This new Torana is great, but just wait for the brilliant Commodore'.And it wasn't long before it was axed, just 8 months after it's release the Commodore appeared and sealed the fate of the all conquering Torana.  They were sold side by side but with the price being just a few hundred dollars difference between a base model Torana with 3 on the tree and the 4 speed modern looking Commodore.
The UC was the shortest lived Holden model ever and even beat the disliked HD for the honours. Even after it had such a huge revised suspension improvement which affected ride and comfort and was the biggest improvement to this since the introduction of RTS. The front and rear springs which were part of an extensive upgrading of the suspension. The sway bars were modified in order to reduce body roll even further. The rear bar of GMH's second generation RTS decoupled design as seen on HZ, being mounted directly, on the body rather than on the lower control arm. New suspension bushes were fitted front and rear. While rear spring rates were increased by eight percent for superior load carrying, the front rates were dropped by 11 percent. All  the shocks were re-calibrated and increased in diameter. By increasing spring heights the engineers gained additional ground clearance of 11 mm at the front and 18 mm at the rear. Other mechanical changes included the use of a new GMH designed Salisbury rear axle instead of the old banjo type. A new lighter M26 four speed gearbox was introduced, even though the three speeder remained standard on the base S model. For the first time, GMH offered the option of rear discs on its Torana line up. They were available on any model. So it was that this car even though all these changes were made was to get the chop.  Will there ever be another Torana range or have we ever seen the last of these great cars? 
In all the Torana range had a total of 17 different engine variants ranging from the 1200 cc 4-cylinder to the 308ci V8.

The latest developements in the engine department at Holden could see the rebirth of a fast sports medium sized car. This engine is going to replace the Buick V6 which started life in the '60s and it is a quad cam V6 with 4-valves per cylinder or as you are used to seeing 24-valve plus being all alloy it has all ingredients to be placed into a small car.  I mean in 1990 who would have expected the Monaro to make a come back?


$5524 Sunbird Hatchback
$5831 Torana S
$6416 Torana SL
$6618 Torana Hatchback

1900 inline 4 cylinder 
2850 inline 6 cylinder HC
2850 inline 6 cylinder LC
3300 inline 6 cylinder HC
3300 inline 6 cylinder LC
*LC= Low Compression
*HC= High Compression

3-speed manual
4-speed manual 4 cylinder
4-speed manual Holden
3-speed Trimatic

Torana S 4-door
Torana SL 4-door
Torana SL Hatch
Torana SS Hatch

Specifications (Starfire)

4 cylinder inline
Capacity 1892 cc
Bore x stroke 88.9 mm x 76.2 mm
Carburetion: Two barrel Varajet
Compression ratio: 8.7:1
Power: 60 kW @ 4000 rpm
Torque: 140 Nm @ 3600 rpm

(4-speed manual)
1st: 3.05
2nd: 2.02
3rd: 1.41
4th: 1.00

Final drive (Differential)

Front: 254 mm discs
Rear: 228 mm drums

Wheelbase: 2586 mm
Front Track: 1415 mm
Rear Track: 1382 mm
Overall length: 4515 mm
Overall width: 1704 mm
Overall height: 1339 mm
Ground clearance: 133 mm
Weight: 1157 kg
Fuel Tank: 55 litres


Many enjoy hot versions and like most of us like to add our own flavour to there car.