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Commodore VC

VC Commodore 1980 
The VC was a little more softer riding than the VB as people were having trouble with the extremely direct steering and firm ride.  Holden was listening to the critics and tried to produce the best product available but always keeping an eye on price of course.  The VC was a great all-round package for the family and the sales figures proved this as over one hundred thousand units were sold to the domestic market alone.  This was to put Commodore on top as the best selling car in Australia and a well deserved place it was too as it proved to be a very reliable car in all conditions.  The public who bought Commodore in the less populated areas of Australia were to begin to love this good handling and almost go anywhere 2-wheel drive car as over the rough terrain it made for less stress on the driver and he was arriving at the destination without the same tiredness.  This was a new feeling for many people who were used to sliding around on bench seats at every corner and hanging on by having there elbow out the window so they could stay in front of the steering wheel.  The seats in the Commodore had good adjustments and catered well for most body frames unlike some Japanese cars of the day where anyone over 5'10" seemed cramped up was struggling for leg room.  One of the big improvements for the new model Commodore was the changes to the now very long in the tooth red motors.  The motor changed it's colour as well for now it was blue and had a vastly improved head design which used a 12 port (XT5) style instead of the reds 9 port system. These improvements increased power and improved fuel economy in all models. The economy of the six cylinder in particular was of concern in the VB range since the the new ADR rules robbed the engines of power and economy.  With this in mind Holden decided to offer the buying public a 1.9 litre four cylinder engine which was ex Sunbird. This engine was not one of the best ideas and before long it was dropped in Australia and to sell the the remaining engines they shipped the 4's to New Zealand and continued to sell them untill the six cylinder 2.0 VL.  Some of the many options that were available on the Commodore was a cruise control, rear disc brakes, 15" wheels, air conditioning, extra sound proofing, headlight wipers, bumper overiders and cloth trim.  The Brock breathed Commodore VC was to me one of the best looking cars ever made and was a great improvement over the standard car if it was performance you were looking for.  Not only had the engine been opened up with the use of Yella Terra heads and extractors but the handling was firmer and allowed for better cornering.  The body kit worked well and looked a treat with its flared guards, front and rear spoiler and the new mag wheels, how could you not like it.  You could request any model of the Commodore range to be Brocked and if memory serves correct there were three different Brockodores as they were sometimes refered to as.
Year of Introduction: 
March 1980

$7903 L six cylinder L sedan
$12,737 six cylinder SL/E sedan

1.9 litre inline 4 cylinder
2.85 litre inline 6 cylinder 
3.3 litre inline 6 cylinder 
4.2 litre V8 
5.0 litre V8 

4 speed manual 
3 speed Trimatic 
3 speed Turbohydramatic 350/400 

121,807 (total)
108,645 (domestic)

Models available:
Commodore L sedan
Commodore L station wagon
Commodore SL sedan
Commodore SL station wagon
Commodore SL/E sedan

5.0 litre V8 SL/E
OHV Longitudinal V8
Compression ratio 9.4:1
Bore/Stroke 101.6mm/77.7mm
Capacity 5044 cc


This shows the Vauxhall Viceroy which was sold in England

VC with a potent Lexus quad cam V8 which is super-charged