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Commodore VT

VT Commodore 1997
The VT saw a new body style which brought it into the new millennium in good shape, pardon the pun.  This new shape was popular with people and standard comment was "It looks like it's going fast when it's standing still!" or "It's like a cat ready to pounce".  Yes this was a definite improvement on previous models and when it came kitted with the sport packs it was as good as any other 4-door car in the world and in front of many 2-door cars for looks.  With over $600 million used developing this new rigid bodied Commodore which included safety, comfort, handling and good use of space it was money well spent. Holden has become a beacon of light for GMC and is the best performing car company they own, setting high standards and enjoying the challenges ahead of it. The track on this new model was wider (1842 mm) and longer (2778 mm) than the VS which of course equates to better stability and increased the road performance.  The 3.8 litre V6 was available from the factory in either LPG or petrol and the although the LPG car was not as popular it produced the same power figures and was cheaper to run.  The Supercharged V6 was upgraded by the engineers and went from 165 kW to 179 kW which was a huge jump but there was better yet in the performance models with 195 kW on tap. The Eaton supercharger was now working at a better pace on the Buick based V6 which is a bullet proof engine and has been raced and modified in the states for years. The  respect for this engine is huge in that part of the world as is the hot up gear thats available.  There was little done to the standard V6 unit and really there didn't need to be as the choice of V6, V6 Supercharged, 5.0 V8 and 5.7 V8 gave the Commodore a good choice of engines and a huge choice of power options.  There was a variety of engine packages from Holden and HSV with around 12 power variants from 147 kW to 250 kW.  The racing program has helped to develop the Commodore into a safer package and will continue to do so in the future.  Under race conditions the parts of a car are put to the test way beyond anything on the road and this helps the consumer with safer and more reliable vehicles. The brakes have been upgraded with very high performers and the VT gets a traction control device which can be turned on or off.


Year of Introduction:

$51,260 Calais V8 & Supercharged V6 
$29,760 Executive V6 

5.0 V8 EFI OHV
Bore x Stroke:
Fuel: 91 octane (ULP)
5.7 litre 5665cc 16-valve OHV V8
Bore x Stroke: 99mm x 92mm
Compression: 10.1:1
Fuel: 91 octane (ULP)
1 Coil per cylinder
6 bolt main bearings
3.8 litre 3791cc V6 OHV ECOTEC
Bore x Stroke: 97mm x 86mm
Compression: 9.4:1
Fuel: 91 octane (ULP)
3 x Coils
4 bolt main bearings
3.8 litre 3791cc V6 OHV Super Charged
Bore x Stroke: 97mm x 86mm
Compression: 8.5:1
Fuel: 95 octane (PULP)
3 x Coils
4 bolt main bearings
147 kW @ 5200 rpm (ECOTEC) 
304 Nm @ 3600 rpm (ECOTEC) 
165 kW @ 5200 rpm (S/C V6 Statesman, Caprice)
370 Nm @ 3200 rpm (S/C V6 Statesman, Caprice)
168 kW @ 4400 rpm (5.0 Ute, Statesman, Caprice)
385 Nm @ 3600 rpm (5.0 Ute, Statesman, Caprice)
171 kW @ 5200 rpm (S/C)
375 Nm @ 3000 rpm (S/C)
179 kW @ 5000 rpm (S/C HSV) 
380 Nm @ 3200 rpm (S/C HSV)
179 kW @ 4800 rpm (5.0 Berlina) 
400 Nm @ 3600 rpm (5.0 Berlina) 
185 kW @ 4800 rpm (5.0 Maloo, Grange, Clubsport)
400 Nm @ 3600 rpm (5.0 Maloo, Grange, Clubsport)
195 kW  @ 5000 rpm (XU-6 S/C)
380 Nm @ 3200 rpm (XU-6 S/C)
195 kW @ 5200 rpm (5.0 Manta, Clubsport, Senator)
410 Nm @ 3600 rpm (5.0 Manta, Clubsport, Senator)
215 kW @ 4800 rpm (5.7 Grange)
475 Nm @ 3600 rpm (5.7 Grange)
220 kW @ 4800 rpm (GTS, Senator VT II) 
475 Nm @ 3600 rpm (GTS, Senator VT II) 
250 kW @ 5600 rpm (GTS, Clubsport)
473 Nm @ 4000 rpm (GTS, Clubsport)

5 speed Getrag manual 
4 speed Turbohydramatic 

Performance: 0 - 100 km/h
8.3 seconds (5.0 Wagon, Ute)
8.0 seconds (XU-8)
7.9 seconds (5.0 Senator)
7.6 seconds (V6 S, XU-6) 
7.5 seconds (5.0 SS)
7.2 seconds (5.7 GTS)
6.8 seconds (5.7 Grange)

Performance figures can vary depending on atmospheric conditions, road conditions and the condition of the driver.

Standing 400 metres / Top speed 
16.1 seconds (5.0 Wagon, Ute)
15.9 seconds (5.0 Senator) 240 km/h
15.5 seconds (5.0 SS, V6 S, XU-8)
15.3 seconds (S V6 S/C, XU-6) 221 km/h
15.2 seconds (GTS 220i) 250 km/h
15.1 seconds (5.0 Clubsport)
14.8 seconds (Grange 215i) 240 km/h


* These days most performance based cars are speed limited to 250 km/h, this is to conserve tyres!




Introduction: 1997
Engine: 5.0 litre V8 OHV
Power: 195 kW @ 5200 rpm
Torque: 430 Nm @ 3600 rpm
0-100 km/h: 7.6 seconds
400 metres: 15.5 seconds
Introduction: 1999
Engine: 5.7 litre V8 OHV Gen III Alloy
Power: 250 kW @ 5600 rpm
Torque: 473 Nm @ 4000 rpm
0-100 km/h: 6.47 seconds
400 metres: 14.6 seconds



Supercharged V6

Calais Dash